Thriller writers with a conscience

We all love a great thriller – intrigue, blood and guts, car chases, and sex. The James Bond mould… They are page turners that keep us enthralled and enraptured. 47% of all books bought in the US in 2015 were described as ‘Mystery, Thriller, and Crime…’ It is by far the largest individual genre.

This year three books have been published that combine all the attributes of great thrillers with the social and political consciences of their authors. We are not lectured in these books but, almost under the radar, the messages get across to us. We enjoy the read – and we learn something of the world in which we live. We were very pleased to be offered the opportunity to interview all three authors… they are thriller writers with a conscience.

To read our full interviews with Michael Grothaus (author of Epiphany Jones), Paul Hardisty (author of The Evolution of Fear), and Yusuf Toropov (author of Jihadi), please click on the link below.

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