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Books set in location – great reading for your travels

Books set in location offer great travel reading. TripFiction was created to make it easy to match a location with a book, and thanks to our searchable database you can find a book relevant to any trip. A resource for both actual and armchair travellers.

TripFiction features novels, travelogues and memoirs set in over 1,800 countries, regions, and cities from around the world – so your destination is almost bound to be covered.

When you are planning your travel reading, don’t forget to research your location on TripFiction. You will find advice on the best books to read for wherever you want to go. TripFiction lets you see a location through an author’s eyes.

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Recently Added Books

As You Were

Author: Elaine Feeney

Location: Ireland

Genre: Fiction

Redhead by the Side of the Road

Author: Anne Tyler

Location: Baltimore

Genre: Fiction

The Girl with the Louding Voice

Author: Abi Daré

Location: Lagos

Genre: Fiction

Mrs P’s Book of Secrets

Author: Lorna Gray

Location: Gloucestershire, Moreton in Marsh

Genre: Fiction, Historical

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Latest Reviews

Lead Review

  • Book: Borderlands
  • Location: Northumberland
  • Author: L J Ross

"This is no.14 in the hugely successful DCI Ryan mystery series written by international best-selling author L J Ross, and the..."

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Really great book!

  • Book: Solitaire
  • Location: Berlin
  • Author: Jane Thynne

"What a great book! I read it some years ago, and have just thought about it because I’m about to start..."

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Amazing book, a must read!

  • Book: A View Across the Rooftops
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Author: Suzanne Kelman

"I’ve literally just finished this book and it is really one of those books that you want to keep going and..."

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Brilliant book!

  • Book: The Sea Sisters
  • Location: Bali, California, Western Australia
  • Author: Lucy Clarke

"I’ve just finished this book – it was great! Very gripping almost form the first page and great on the locations...."

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Excellent debut…..4.5 stars!

  • Book: The Flower Arranger
  • Location: Iriomote Island, Tokyo
  • Author: J J Ellis

"“The Flower Arranger” is J.J. Ellis’ debut novel and is an international crime thriller set in Japan. You can just tell..."

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An easy, undemanding and delightful read…

  • Book: A Map of the Sky
  • Location: North Yorkshire
  • Author: Claire Wong

"“A Map of the Sky” written by Claire Wong is a delightful, undemanding, uplifting read set in North Yorkshire that is..."

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A snippet of Agatha Christie on the Ghan Across Australia

  • Book: Wed, Then Dead on The Ghan (Celebrant Sleuth series)
  • Location: Australia, The Outback
  • Author: Hazel Edwards

"It’s short, fun, a spoof on Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. It’s murder on the Ghan in the Outback..."

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Skilfully told from a child’s viewpoint

  • Book: A Map of the Sky
  • Location: North Yorkshire
  • Author: Claire Wong

"Beautifully told from the point of view of an 11-year-old, this book captures perfectly the time between childhood and adolescence. Kit..."

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Shadows of Olive Trees

  • Book: Shadows of Olive Trees
  • Location: Sydney
  • Author: Susanne Gervay

"Compassion and sub-text are the qualities which are needed for a story which lasts. Impressive that this coming of age YA..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The Dutch House
  • Location: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • Author: Ann Patchett

"For those of you who know the work of Ann Patchett, it will be no surprise that this is an excellent..."

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"Borderlands" by @LJRoss_author set in North #Northumberland "..a book about the human cond…
- Monday Dec 9 - 4:30am

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