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Houses of Parliament, London, England

Books set in location – great reading for your travels

Books set in location offer great travel reading. TripFiction was created to make it easy to match a location with a book, and thanks to our searchable database you can find a book relevant to any trip. A resource for both actual and armchair travellers.

TripFiction features many thousands of novels, travelogues and memoirs set in over 2,200 countries, regions, and cities from around the world – so your taste and destination is almost bound to be covered.

When you are planning your travel reading, don’t forget to research your location on TripFiction. You will find advice on the best books to read for wherever you want to go. TripFiction lets you see a location through an author’s eyes.

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Recently Added Books

The Birthday Girl

Author: Melissa de la Cruz

Location: Palm Springs

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

One Little Secret

Author: Cate Holahan

Location: The Hamptons

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

The Perfect Ruin

Author: Shanora Williams

Location: Miami

Genre: Psychological Thriller

The Honey Trap

Author: Mary Jayne Baker

Location: Yorkshire

Genre: Romance

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Latest Reviews

Lead Review

  • Book: Berlin
  • Location: Kreuzberg, Neukölln
  • Author: Bea Setton

"If you have ever been to Berlin, you will fully recognise and appreciate the city as it is described in this..."

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  • Book: Love Me To Death
  • Location: Stockport
  • Author: Susan Gee

"I generally associate this slow burning, claustrophobic, lugubrious style of storytelling with some of the top-notch Nordic writers, who seem to..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Stargazer
  • Location: Ontario
  • Author: Laurie Petrou

"“I knew from the moment I conceived of Stargazer that I wanted it to take place at a remote university in..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The Nineteen
  • Location: Bangkok
  • Author: Jake Needham

"In the year 2000, terrorists gathered in Malaysia to plot a world changing event. Some returned to Afghanistan and some headed..."

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“In a time of war, can love save them?”

  • Book: Beyond A Broken Sky
  • Location: Somerset, Sussex
  • Author: Suzanne Fortin

"I just knew that I had to read this book, as soon as it became available on NetGalley. Not only have..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Milk Teeth
  • Location: Barcelona, Paris, The North East (England)
  • Author: Jessica Andrews

"I found this novel quite riveting. It is the story of an unnamed young woman who grew up in the North..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Night Shadows (Forbidden Iceland Book 3)
  • Location: Iceland
  • Author: Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

"Detective Elma of West Iceland CID has a puzzle on her hands when a young man called Marinó dies in a..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Still Water
  • Location: Shetland Islands
  • Author: Rebecca Pert

"Still Water is the story of two generations of the same family. Of mothers and of their children. Of the fear..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: One of the Girls
  • Location: Aegean Sea
  • Author: Lucy Clarke

"Six women – ‘hens’ – descend on the fictional island of Aegos in the Aegean Sea to celebrate Lexi’s upcoming marriage..."

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“Everyone has secrets… But are they saving you or destroying you?”

  • Book: The Locked Away Life
  • Location: Great Yarmouth, Northamptonshire, The Trossachs
  • Author: Drew Davies

"All the while I was reading this book, in the back of my mind I did wonder what sparked the idea..."

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Thriller set in #Quebec #WhisperOfTheSeals by Roxanne Bouchard "..a very tense and atmosp…
- Friday Aug 19 - 8:05am

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