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The Pyramids, Egypt

Books set in location – great reading for your travels

Books set in location offer great travel reading. TripFiction was created to make it easy to match a location with a book, and thanks to our searchable database you can find a book relevant to any trip. A resource for both actual and armchair travellers.

TripFiction features many thousands of novels, travelogues and memoirs set in over 2,500 countries, regions, and cities from around the world – so your taste and destination are almost bound to be covered.

When you are planning your travel reading, don’t forget to research your location on TripFiction. You will find advice on the best books to read for wherever you want to go. TripFiction lets you see a location through an author’s eyes.

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Recently Added Books

Music in the Dark

Author: Sally Magnusson

Location: Scottish Highlands

Genre: Fiction, Historical

The Commandments

Author: Óskar Guðmundsson, Quentin Bates (Translator)

Location: North Iceland

Genre: Mystery, Fiction

The Chamber

Author: Will Dean

Location: The North Sea

Genre: Suspense, Fiction, Thriller


Author: Ray Clark

Location: Leeds

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Noir

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Latest Reviews

Lead Review (Secret Potsdam)

  • Book: Secret Potsdam
  • Location: Potsdam
  • Author: Manuel Roy

"A new addition to the “Secret …” guides. And as usual it’s a cracker. I imagine most visitors to Potsdam will..."

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Lead Review (We Are Together Because)

  • Book: We Are Together Because
  • Location: Var
  • Author: Kerry Andrew

"Dystopian, coming-of-age novel set in South East FRANCE Four siblings have landed in their father’s house in the South East of..."

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Lead Review (Sword)

  • Book: Sword
  • Location: Romania
  • Author: Bogdan Teodorescu

"Sword is an international bestseller, written in Romanian and recently published in English for the first time by Corylus Books. It..."

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Lead Review (Crow Moon)

  • Book: Crow Moon
  • Location: The Trossachs
  • Author: Suzy Aspley

"Crow Moon is set in fictional Strathbran, in Stirlingshire, deep in the heart of Trossachs country. It is the first title..."

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Lead Review (The City of the Living)

  • Book: The City of the Living
  • Location: Rome
  • Author: Ann Goldstein (translator), Nicola Lagioia

"ROME: “Vegetation died or grew up frenetically according to whether your gaze met an urban folly or an abandoned area, two..."

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Lead Review (The Island of Mists and Miracles)

  • Book: The Island of Mists and Miracles
  • Location: Île de Batz
  • Author: Victoria Mas

"3.75* Set on the Ile de Batz, at the northern tip of Finistère in Britanny, this short novel is a gentle..."

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Lead Review (The Hungry and the Fat)

  • Book: The Hungry and the Fat
  • Location: Europe
  • Author: Jamie Bulloch (Translator), Timur Vermes

"#fromourbookshelves 3.5* This is the author who wrote the well-received novel ‘Look Who’s Back’, which I enjoyed. Given that story was..."

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Lead Review (Skin Deep)

  • Book: Skin Deep
  • Location: Biarritz, Paris
  • Author: Antonia Lassa

"Skin Deep by Antonia Lassa (translated by Jacky Collins) is a slim yet creative detective novel with a cast of unusual..."

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Lead Review (The Conspirators)

  • Book: The Conspirators
  • Location: Ljubljana, Villach
  • Author: G W Shaw

"Carinthia is a one-off setting and much of the action takes place in a locked-room (as it were) luxury villa, not..."

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Lead Review (Epic Annette)

  • Book: Epic Annette: A Heroine’s Tale
  • Location: France
  • Author: Anne Weber, Tess Lewis (Translator)

"3.5* This is the story of Annette Beaumanoir, and this ‘heroic epic’ is told in an unusual poetic free verse narrative...."

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