Enter the TripFiction ‘Sense of Place’ Creative Writing Competition 2021. £1,000 / US$ 1,350 first prize. Judges include Victoria Hislop and Rosanna Ley

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Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Books set in location – great reading for your travels

Books set in location offer great travel reading. TripFiction was created to make it easy to match a location with a book, and thanks to our searchable database you can find a book relevant to any trip. A resource for both actual and armchair travellers.

TripFiction features novels, travelogues and memoirs set in over 2,000 countries, regions, and cities from around the world – so your destination is almost bound to be covered.

When you are planning your travel reading, don’t forget to research your location on TripFiction. You will find advice on the best books to read for wherever you want to go. TripFiction lets you see a location through an author’s eyes.

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Recently Added Books

We Are Not Like Them

Author: Christine Pride

Location: Philadelphia

Genre: Thriller


Author: Jae Watson

Location: Varanasi

Genre: Crime, Fiction

Living Banaras: Hindu Religion in Cultural Context

Author: Bradley R Hertel, Cynthia Ann Humes

Location: Varanasi

Genre: Nonfiction

Kaleidoscope City: A Year in Varanasi

Author: Piers Moore Ede

Location: Varanasi

Genre: Travelogue, Autobiography/Memoirs

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Latest Reviews

Lead Review

  • Book: In the Mirror, a Peacock Danced
  • Location: Agra, Portsmouth
  • Author: Justine Bothwick

"A novel that transports the reader back in time, starting out pre WW2 and continuing through into the 1950s. It is..."

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“Can Kate solve the murder and save the man she loves at the same time?”

  • Book: A Body At The Altar (Kate Palmer book #4)
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Author: Dee MacDonald

"How much more can my poor nerves take with that vital fourth element, ‘you can’t be dead’, which for me is..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The Chateau
  • Location: French Alps, The South of France (Le Midi)
  • Author: Catherine Cooper

"Aura and Nick have taken a new tack in their lives, which sees them in Southern France, in fictional Mozène with..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The Devil’s Advocate
  • Location: Alabama
  • Author: Steve Cavanagh

"The Devil’s Advocate by Steve Cavanagh – sadistic thriller set in Alabama. The Devil’s Advocate is an ‘all American’ story, yet..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Madgermanes
  • Location: Berlin, Mozambique
  • Author: Birgit Weyhe, Katy Derbyshire (Translator)

"4.5* It is certainly quite some time since I have read anything with cartoon graphics. This is a simple and effective..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The Women of Troy
  • Location: Hisarlik (Troy), Turkey
  • Author: Pat Barker

"The Women of Troy is a raw and violent book – very much of the time in which it takes place,..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The Book Collectors of Daraya
  • Location: Daraya
  • Author: Delphine Minoui

"Delphine Minoui, a prizewinning reporter on Iraq and Iran, working for Le Figaro, browsing through Facebook images on her computer one..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Matrix
  • Location: England
  • Author: Lauren Groff

"This is a deep immersion into the medieval era, well researched, credible and very atmospheric. Marie is the illegitimate child of..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: A Single Rose
  • Location: Kyoto
  • Author: Muriel Barbery

"Many readers, I imagine, will be familiar with The Elegance of the Hedgehog. A Single Rose is the latest work brought..."

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Lead review

  • Book: Hell and High Water
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Author: Christian Unge

"Scandinoir lives! This is Christian Unge’s debut novel, and it is a cracker. He follows in some famous footsteps. The book..."

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@KCambronAuthor How truly lovely. Have the best time!
- Friday Oct 22 - 6:19am

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Enter the 2021TripFiction 'Sense of Place' Creative Writing Competition!

A story in which the location plays as important a role as the rest of your words.

2,500 word maximum, 750 word minimum

Judges include Victoria Hislop and Rosanna Ley

First Prize of £1,000 / US$1,350

Prizes total £1,750 / US$2,362 

Winning entry published on TripFiction site and publicised on Social Media

Entries close 6th November 2021