Blogs in March 2019

Settlement 26th March 2019

Can love truly heal old wounds? Can the past ever be put peacefully to rest? If you like a complex, grown-up romance with lots of raw emotion, dramatic and exotic settings, all mixed in with some international politics and...

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Displacement 31st August 2015

The search for resolution after the upheaval of loss. A journey full of insight, forgiveness and love. Divorce, the death of her soldier son and estrangement from her daughter, leave Hebridean crofter, Rachel Campbell, grief-stricken, lonely and lost. Forced...

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Change of Life 1st January 1970

Be careful what you wish for… Wife to heart surgeon and control freak, Tom and mother to four adolescent children, Rosie feels taken for granted as she juggles family life and her work as a teacher. She longs for...

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