Blogs in August 2021

Sharpe’s Assassin 19th August 2021

Lieutenant-Colonel Sharpe is a man with a reputation. Born in the gutter, raised a foundling, he joined the army twenty-one years ago, and it’s been his home ever since. He’s a loose cannon, but his unconventional methods make him a valuable...

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Sharpe’s Rifles 1st January 1970

It is 1809. Napoleon’s army is sweeping across Spain. Lieutenant Richard Sharpe is newly in command of his demoralized squad, and his task is to lead them to safety: but he has to negotiate the hostile countryside infested by...

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The Fort 1st January 1970

The story is set principally about the Americans attempting to dislodge a British incursion at Majabigwaduce, Massachusetts, Summer 1779. Seven hundred and fifty British soldiers and three small ships of the Royal Navy. Their orders: to build a fort...

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