Blogs in May 2020

No Road to Paradise 4th May 2020

When the imam of a small town in Southern Lebanon is diagnosed with cancer, the illness he fears and has expected for years, he takes the radical decision to abandon the life he inherited from his father. He was...

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Borrowed Time 26th February 2020

In a village in Lebanon, an old man prepares for his final journey. But right to the end he remains defiant – against his age, his failing body and the whims of memory; against the idle life his children...

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The Year of the Revolutionary New Bread-making Machine 26th February 2020

It’s bustling 1960s Beirut, and our young protagonist spends his days in his father and uncle’s bakery, admiring the female customers, observing the many colourful characters, and listening in on fascinating grown-up conversations about everything from jaundice to the...

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