Blogs in August 2017

I Lift Up My Eyes 29th August 2017

A raw story of hope and love, which addresses real life emotions and hits compromise head on. “Do I do the right thing, or do I live while I still can?” Ann is faced with a dilemma as she...

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Grass Shoots 29th August 2017

This sequel to Breath of Africa is a tender love story, completing the saga of Caroline and Charles and their respective families, against the backdrop of modern day Kenya. Emily, an AIDS orphan, and Paul, Caroline’s son, are good...

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Breath of Africa 29th August 2017

Despite troubled times, Kenya moves on in hope, epitomised in this book, which can be read as a love story, a psychological thriller, or as an exploration into the interactions of people of different races. Superstition and Christian faith...

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