Blogs in August 2018

Dream of Venice in Black and White 15th August 2018

Dream of Venice in Black and White reveals Venice as a narrative in chiaroscuro. Over 50 photographers have documented the city to create a visual legacy of elegant realism in light and shadow. The acclaimed Italian author Tiziano Scarpa...

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Dream of Venice Architecture 14th March 2018

Dream of Venice Architecture is an intimate journey through the remarkable Venetian urban landscape. A cadre of 36 notable international architects and architectural writers explore the elements that make Venice unique in the world. Dream of Venice Architecture reveals...

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Dream of Venice 24th November 2017

The mysterious allure of the ancient floating city of Venice is captured in this book of evocative photography and beguiling words of a diverse group of contemporary Venetophiles. The luminous photographs, in both color and black and white, compliment...

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