Blogs in September 2022

The Dilemma 16th September 2022

My child means everything to me. But saving his life means destroying my best friend’s family… I didn’t plan to fall pregnant, but when I found out, I was overjoyed. Even though I’d be going it alone, I swore...

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My Mother’s Secret 15th December 2020

‘They told me he died, but I never believed them. I’d have known,’ she says, her voice little more than a whisper and her eyes searching mine. ‘A mother would know if her child died, wouldn’t she?’ The phone...

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Life’s a Beach and Then… 21st April 2016

Holly Wilson has landed a dream job which involves her staying at five-star resorts around the world. There is however a proviso. She must travel incognito and that means telling lies. Holly hates lies. Her cover story, designed to...

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