Blogs in January 1970

The Friday Night Knitting Club 1st January 1970

Walker and Daughter yarn shop, Manhattan, the venue for the Friday Knitting Club.This is the gentle story of single Mum Georgia and her daughter Dakota. Dad left early in Dakota’s life and returns to re-build his relationship. Interspersed with...

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Knit Two (Friday Knight Knitting Club 2) 1st January 1970

Old Yarns It is five years since the members of The Friday Night Knitting Club bonded during divorce, job loss, romance, birth – and the sudden death of their dear friend, Georgia. But the Walker and Daughter knitting store...

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Knit the Season 1st January 1970

Third in the Friday Night Knitting Club. It is probably useful to read the first two to get into the characters. Georgia is now dead and there are a lot of memories of what she brought to the group

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