Blogs in December 2022

Our Man In Kuwait 1st December 2022

A colonial-era thriller set against the background of big power conflict. The ultimate timepiece tinderbox of sun, sex and spies. Kuwait 1960. With Soviet backing Iraq plans to invade. Gordon Carlisle lives in the expat community of Ahmadi with...

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The Secret War 26th July 2021

Karen Andersen, private investigator, stumbles across intelligence in a Liverpool University that an ultra-right faction of the CCP plan to release a new highly contagious virus on an unsuspecting New York City.

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The Missing Activist 14th January 2020

Post-Referendum Britain and a country on high alert for terrorist attacks. When a young political activist goes missing in London, off-the-wall Private Investigator Karen Andersen is called in to find him. While searching London she uncovers secrets of a...

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