Blogs in January 2019

Aunty Lee’s Delights: A Singaporean Mystery 9th January 2019

This delectable and witty mystery introduces Rosie “Aunty” Lee, feisty widow, amateur sleuth, and proprietor of Singapore’s best-loved home-cooking restaurant After losing her husband, Rosie Lee could have become one of Singapore’s “tai tai,” an idle rich lady. Instead...

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The Betel Nut Tree Mystery (Crown Colony) 9th January 2019

Singapore is agog with the news of King Edward VIII’s abdication to marry American heiress Wallis Simpson. Chen Su Lin, now Chief Inspector Le Froy’s secretarial assistant in Singapore’s newly formed detective unit, still dreams of becoming a journalist...

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The Frangipani Tree Mystery (Crown Colony) 9th January 2019

1936 in the Crown Colony of Singapore, and the British abdication crisis and rising Japanese threat seem very far away. When the Irish nanny looking after Acting Governor Palin’s daughter dies suddenly – and in mysterious circumstances – mission...

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