Blogs in January 2022

Run And Hide 24th January 2022

Arun knows there is only way out of this small railway town. He is about to enrol in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, determined to make something of himself. But once there, he meets two friends who are...

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The Romantics 14th August 2016

The young Brahman Samar has come to the holy city of Benares to complete his education and take the civil service exam that will determine his future. But in this city redolent of timeworn customs, where pilgrims bathe in...

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Butter Chicken in Ludhiana: Travels in small town India 1st January 1970

A little over a decade ago, Pankaj Mishra travelled through the small towns of India and found they had shed their sleepy, half-apologetic air: brash and ostentatious, kitschy and clamorous, here was an India in transition. A convent-educated young...

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