Blogs in July 2019

After the Circus 4th July 2019

A classic novel from recent Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano, now available to English-language readers in a superb new translation One of the hallmarks of French author Patrick Modiano’s writing is a singular ability to revisit particular motifs and...

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In the Café of Lost Youth 21st December 2015

Four narrators, a student from a café, a private detective hired by an aggrieved husband, the heroine herself and one of her lovers, construct a portrait of Jacqueline Delanque, otherwise known as Louki. The daughter of a single mother...

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The Black Notebook 21st December 2015

Set in Montparnasse, Paris. A writer discovers a set of notes in his notebook and sets off on a journey through the Paris of his past, in search of the woman he loved forty years previously. Set in the...

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