Blogs in October 2014

1989 The Berlin Wall (My Part in its Downfall) 5th October 2014

1989: The Berlin Wall (My Part in its Downfall) It was an event that changed history, bringing the Cold War to a sudden, unexpected end and seeing the collapse not just of Communism but of the Soviet Union itself....

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Marrakech Express 4th September 2014

Confused with the song (I can hear you singing it already!). Peter Millar’s 3rd train narrative, this time to Morocco and still a whiff of spliff.

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Slow Train to Guantanamo 1st January 1970

It is an island more than 1000 kilometres long and was the sixth in the world (before its colonial master Spain) to have a national rail network. Cuba today feels like a nation at the end of a long,...

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