Blogs in September 2020

Acts of Faith 16th September 2020

Philip Caputo’s tragic and epically ambitious new novel is set in Sudan, where war is a permanent condition. Into this desolate theater come aid workers, missionaries, and mercenaries of conscience whose courage and idealism sometimes coexist with treacherous moral...

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A Rumor of War 17th May 2020

“A singular and marvelous work.” — The New York Times “Compelling . . . A thoroughly honest view of what the experience of Vietnam meant to a young college graduate, a ‘gung-ho’ lieutenant in the marine corps who enlisted...

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Crossers 1st January 1970

When Gil Castle loses his wife, he retreats to his family’s sprawling homestead out west, a forsaken part of the country where drug lords have more power than police. Here Castle begins to rebuild his life, even as he...

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