Blogs in June 2020

Appetite 10th June 2020

In Florence, everyone has a passion. With sixty thousand souls inside the city, crammed into a cobweb of clattering streets, countless alleys, towers, workshops, tanneries, cloisters, churches and burial grounds, they live their lives in the narrow world between...

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The Phoenix of Florence 9th February 2019

16th century Italy, deep in the Tuscan countryside a long-held feud between two aristocratic families ends in tragedy leaving only one young girl alive. Having barely escaped with her life, she vows to survive at all costs… Years later,...

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The Painter of Souls 13th July 2015

Beauty can be a gift…or a wicked temptation… So it is for Filippo Lippi, growing up in Renaissance Florence. He has a talent – not only can he see the beauty in everything, he can capture it, paint it....

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