Blogs in April 2020

Footprints in Obscurity 18th April 2020

A boy who was longing to discover the imaginary world that conquered his mind when his father was narrating free-time stories reaches the final destination after three decades, breaking frontiers, overcoming diverse hurdles, and thus making the journey an...

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Behind the Eclipse 17th April 2020

Tamba, later known as George, unveils his staggering story of surviving Ebola, which he calls a ‘rebirth’. It is astounding to know how he maintains his stamina to continue his journey along the rugged pathway of life as an...

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Bayan 17th April 2020

Bayan, the title, is Russian for the accordion, since the story is based on a hauntingly beautiful narration of the transition of life from the Soviet through the post-Soviet era in Ukraine. The main character, Ivan Nikolaevich, is a...

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