Blogs in January 2023

A Long Way from Chicago 24th January 2023

Every summer, a young brother and sister take the train from their hometown of Chicago to stay with their grandmother in a small town in rural Illinois. A short story cycle with a coming of age theme, A Long...

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Here Lies the Librarian 5th November 2020

Peewee idolizes Jake, a big brother whose dreams of auto mechanic glory are fueled by the hard road coming to link their Indiana town and futures with the twentieth century. And motoring down the road comes Irene Ridpath, a...

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The Teacher’s Funeral 5th November 2020

In 1904, Russell Culver 15 wants to leave school and his tiny Indiana farm town for the endless sky of the Dakotas. Instead of school closing, leaving him free to roam, his sister Tansy steps in. Despite stolen supplies,...

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