Blogs in January 1970

Water Lily 1st January 1970

Runa is a young Japanese woman who teaches in a high school and has an affair with one of her pupils. Rather than face the consequences, she flees to Shanghai, where she hopes to meet a friend. Ralph is...

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When Nights were Cold 1st January 1970

The story of Grace Farringdon, who looks back on her life on the eve of the anniversary of the death of her friends. Growing up in early 1900’s Dulwich (South East London), Grace longs to escape her dreary life....

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The Earthquake Bird 1st January 1970

Set in Japan, The Earthquake Bird begins with an earth-tremor on its first page that echoes metaphorically through the book. Lucy is a young and insecure translator straining to survive in the bustling, impersonal city of Tokyo. She becomes...

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