Blogs in May 2020

Street Music 13th May 2020

Eight years ago, Poke Rafferty, an American travel writer, and his Thai wife, Rose, adopted a Bangkok street child named Miaow, forming an unconventional intercultural family. That family has weathered extreme challenges—each of its three members carried the scars...

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A Nail Through the Heart 1st January 1970

Travel writer Poke Rafferty was good at looking for trouble – so good that he made a little money writing a few offbeat travel guides for the young and terminally bored. But that was before Bangkok stole his heart....

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The Queen of Patpong 1st January 1970

Poke and his family seem at last to have found stability. Poke and Rose are married, and Miaow, now a complicated and sometimes difficult sixth-grader in one of Bangkok’s international schools, is playing the spirit Ariel in a production...

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