Blogs in June 2023

Oxblood 28th June 2023

Wythenshawe, South Manchester. 1985. The Dodds family once ruled Manchester’s underworld; now the men are dead, leaving three generations of women trapped in a house haunted by violence, harbouring an unregistered baby and the ghost of a murdered lover....

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The Doll Princess 1st January 1970

Imoved to Manchester in 1998, two years after The Doll Princess is set. While I recognise the areas – and accents – in Tom Benn’s debut novel, the immediate aftermath of the 1996 IRA bomb is something I never...

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Chamber Music 1st January 1970

Henry Bane is dead. Long Live Henry Bane, his son. It’s Manchester, 1998, and the funeral party is interrupted by a woman from Bane’s past. Róisín is back in Manchester and back in Bane’s life after an eight-year absence...

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