Blogs in January 1970

All the hopeful Lovers 1st January 1970

This book loosely follows on from The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life. Belinda wistfully reflects how much better at sex she is now than when she was in her twenties. She’s thought about taking a lover, but ultimately could...

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The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life 1st January 1970

This is the first book in a loose trilogy and is set over 10 days in 2000. Laura is content enough with her marriage, two children and part-time job. That is, until a lover from her past comes back...

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The Golden Hour 1st January 1970

She loves him. She’s happy. But could she be happier? Maggie and Andrew are lovers who live apart – Maggie in the country, Andrew in town. When Andrew is offered a job close to Maggie, moving in with her...

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