Blogs in August 2020

The Confessions of Nat Turner 26th August 2020

In 1831 Nat Turner awaits death in a Virginia jail cell. He is a slave, a preacher, and the leader of the only effective slave revolt in the history of ‘that peculiar institution’. William Styron’s ambitious and stunningly accomplished...

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A Tidewater Morning 20th August 2020

In this brilliant collection of “long short stories,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Sophie’s Choice returns to the coastal Virginia setting of his first novels. Through the eyes of a man recollecting three episodes from his youth, William Styron...

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Sophie’s Choice 1st January 1970

The novel opens with Stingo, a young southerner, journeying north in 1947 to become a writer. It leads us into his intellectual and emotional entanglement with his neighbors in a Brooklyn rooming house: Nathan, a tortured, brilliant Jew, and...

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