Blogs in April 2020

Where Pigeons Don’t Fly 9th April 2020

A daring novel that explores the taboos surrounding male-female relationships in Saudi Arabia’s deeply conservative society, Where Pigeons Don’t Fly scrutinises the public tyranny of the so-called ‘Committee for Virtue’, which monitors young unmarried couples in Riyadh. Focusing on...

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Munira’s Bottle 7th April 2020

In Riyadh, against the events of the second Gulf War and Saddam s invasion of Kuwait, we learn the story of Munira – with the gorgeous eyes – and the unspeakable tragedy she suffers as her male nemesis wreaks...

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Wolves of the Crescent Moon 7th April 2020

“The first great Saudi novel.” —The New York Sun Banned in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this provocative, fast-paced debut novel confirms what The Washington Post reported about its award-winning author: “Yousef Al-Mohaimeed is taking on some of the...

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