Blogs in February 2020

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant 8th February 2020

One of the last decade s ten most influential books in China, this internationally acclaimed novel by one of the mainland s most important contemporary writers provides an unflinching portrait of life under Chairman Mao. A cart-pusher in a...

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To Live 28th January 2020

An award-winning, internationally acclaimed Chinese bestseller, originally banned in China but recently named one of the last decade s ten most influential books there, To Live tells the epic story of one man s transformation from the spoiled son...

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The April 3rd Incident 27th July 2019

From one of China’s most famous contemporary writers, who celebrated novel To Live catapulted him to international fame, here is a stunning collection of stories, selected from the best of Yu Hua’s early work, that shows his far-reaching influence...

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