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A Handyman’s Best Tool

A Handyman’s Best Tool

Author(s): Alexis Fleming

Location(s): Sydney

Genre(s): Romance

Era(s): 2000s

What’s a girl to do when a sexy builder offers to be her tutor.in the bedroom? Three times dumped for not being adventurous in bed, Beth-Ann Harris is ripe for a steamy affair. Particularly when the man in question is Riley Osborne-the same guy who once told Beth-Ann she’d never turned him on. Beth-Ann decides it’s time to make Riley sit up and take notice. Problem is she didn’t expect to find herself falling in love, a terrifying idea for a girl who equates love with giving up control. Riley Osborne loves women, but after his parent’s sorry attempt at marriage — and his own experience with a fiancée from hell — he’d be damn stupid to stick his head in that noose again. But that doesn’t mean he can’t play. When he arrives to fix Beth-Ann’s ceiling and she asks if he’s come to plug her hole, he quickly offers his services in the bedroom as well. It’s all meant to be a bit of fun but before he knows it, he’s committed and is demanding she make an honest man of him. Will Beth-Ann be able to relinquish control enough to realize it’s better to have a man handy than a handyman? WARNING: This book contains hot, explicit sex explained with contemporary, graphic language!

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