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Bad Boys Down Under

Bad Boys Down Under

Author(s): Nancy Warren

Location(s): Sydney

Genre(s): Romance

Era(s): Modern

Sizzling in Sydney – Sexy, macho Cameron Crane knows he needs San Francisco marketing guru Jennifer Talbot to take his Australian surf and boogie board business into the lucrative American market. No worries, mate. He’ll just seduce the little sheila. But the minute Cameron lays eyes on Jenn, he’s got the feeling the adorable, whip-smart business lady can see right through him-and he’s never been more turned on…Surfer Boy – Handling the advertising campaign for Crane surf and boogie boards is hard-working and exec Lise Atwater’s dream job. But turning their Australian surfer boy into a product spokesman is going to take a lot of work. Hunky Steve Jackson is a muscular, take-me-as-I-am kind of guy who thinks he’s in the States to party and bed women. It’s ridiculous, and if Lise weren’t so suddenly preoccupied with picking out a new bikini and donning high heels around the office, she’d tell him so. The Great Barrier – Being dumped by his fiancee, Jennifer, for that barely civilized playboy, Cameron Crane, has left Mark Forsythe in a funk. From now on, the straight-arrow Mark is going to be as bad as they come. He’s even booked an Australian vacation so he can sow his wild oats down under. On his first night, the novice bad boy ends up passed out in slinky Bronwyn Spencer’s bed. Though nothing happened, Bronwyn’s happy to let Mark think they’ve shared a night of passion so hot, he’s got to experience it again…

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