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Bad Ground

Author(s): Rodney Romig

Location(s): Florida, Bulgaria, Colombia, Nebraska

Genre(s): Mystery

Era(s): Today

Dido Book knocked on Dan Trix’s door in Sarasota. Dido was a home handyman Trix met while doing expert witness work for the Jonsons in Lincoln, NE. Marietta Jonson had been killed and Trix was a consultation for the civil suit to financially recover for loss of economic life.
Trix asked why Dido was there.
“I’m here because the same thing happened to my wife, Lees.”
“Your wife was electrocuted by her washing machine?” Trix said.
When Trix discovers that Dido and Marietta Jonson had been having an affair, he wonders if Marietta’s death was really an accident. When he investigates KwiKleen appliances, he’s led to elder care facilities and is surprised at the size of the appliance sector serving such facilities.
Was there a connection between the deaths of Marietta and Lees? When his life is threatened and one of his confidants is killed, it’s obvious that someone doesn’t want him to pursue the matter. What started as a curious tort case becomes a case where little decisions have big consequences.
Trix and Lester must proceed carefully, in Florida, Nebraska, Bulgaria and Columbia, to insure they don’t become consequences.

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