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Bittersweet Chocolate

Bittersweet Chocolate

Author(s): Martha Reynolds

Location(s): New York City (NYC), Switzerland

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Present

In the third and final installment of Martha Reynolds’s award-winning Chocolate series, Bernadette Maguire’s story is about to come full-circle… But is she ready for what her future holds?

It’s been five years since Bernie married Gary, a dear friend from the past and the true man of her dreams. Bernie now practices law in New York City, while Gary enjoys tenure as a German professor at the university, and they have a beautiful life together. But when Gary learns his job will be eliminated, then Swiss banker Karl Berset reaches out to Bernie with devastating news that could have far-reaching effects, it seems it may be time to return to Switzerland–at least for a while. Several years earlier, Bernie reconnected with Jean-Michel, the son she conceived nearly thirty years ago during her Fribourg dalliance with Karl, and he now has a family of his own. But a gene he may carry for a deadly genetic disease from a father he never knew could very well ruin his life and the lives of his children. Though he’s not the only one about to face a huge and terrifying change in the bittersweet conclusion of the beloved Chocolate saga.

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