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Cod in Devon!

Author(s): Sandy Fish

Location(s): Devon, Cornwall, Tiverton

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary

An uplifting adventure with a touch of fantasy. (Surprisingly, it’s not about fishing!)
When you find yourself in that gap between a proper job and no job at all, when the everyday is unfamiliar and the law is a bit wild west it might be time to change, the question is: How?
When meticulous Janet Elliot closes the door on her life of crime, she finds herself in an unfamiliar world of questionable lawfulness. All she wants is a simple family reunion to clear the air, followed by the rest of her life as a hermit, on a beach, as far away from the public gaze as is humanly possible. But from the moment she turns up late, her painstaking plan is ripped to shreds. Forced into the public domain with a cast of unvetted strangers, Jan is out of her depth in someone else’s day. Why are the police still interested in her movements? What is the French connection? And why does so much happen in a public toilet?
With her sister happily skipping along on the shifty side of the fence, will Jan ever get the chance to say her piece and leave the past behind?
A heart-warming, funny family frolic through time and place and redemption.

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