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Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

Author(s): Elmore Leonard

Location(s): Cuba (Republic of)

Genre(s): Historical

Era(s): 1890s

War in Cuba isn’t Ben Tyler’s concern. Still, sailing mares and guns into Havana harbor in 1898 – right past the submerged wreckage of the U.S. battleship Maine – may not be the smartest thing the recently prison-sprung horse wrangler ever did. Neither is shooting one of the local Guardia, though the pompous peacock deserved it. Now Tyler’s sitting tight in a vermin-infested Cuban stockade waiting to face a firing squad. But he’s not dying until he gets the money he’s owed from a two-timing American sugar baron. And there’s one smart, pistol-hot lady at the rich man’s side who could help Ben get everything he’s got rightfully coming…even when the whole damn island’s going straight to Hell.

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