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Epiphany – THE GOLDING

Author(s): Sonya Deanna Terry

Location(s): Oslo, Sydney

Genre(s): Fantasy

Era(s): Modern




Free-spirited book-club founder, Rosetta, and polished traditionalist, Matthew, are yet to meet and have little in common, but time-travelling sprites from a magical past are convinced they’ll fulfil an aeons-old prophecy.

A simple enough plan, it would seem, getting two people in one city to unite against a Cycle of Suffering that the world doesn’t know it’s imprisoned in. Throughout every age in history, however, a body-king influence has thwarted sprites’ hopes for humanity.

But sprites and body-kings aren’t supposed to exist! Rosetta has no reason to think they’re anything but mythical. They feature, in fact, in the fantasy novel her book club is studying.

The question Rosetta soon asks herself is: does she know for sure that the book is fiction? And how did the book’s 18th-century author learn of an earth-shattering secret that isn’t meant to be true?

First in the two-volume EPIPHANY series, The Golding is a captivating blend of history, contemporary romance and ethereal magic … a story-within-a-story that portrays the work of an 18th-century author and the present-day lives of those who study his book.

Rosetta Melki, part-time tarot reader, struggling sole parent and full-time idealist, begins a reading group to examine a novel written in the 1770s by Edward Lillibridge, a hidden history that reveals the true beginnings of the global monetary system.

Lillibridge’s tale surrounds ancients from a gold-obsessed empire and the sprites they oppress: intuitive clan dwellers whose currency of choice is kindness.

Whether discontent in rich and poor alike will ever make way for the Currency of Kindness, whether anyone can believe enough in humanity’s true ancient history to activate the dawn of a benevolent new era, remains to be seen, but the time-travelling sprites of Lillibridge’s descriptions have set their sights on Rosetta.

Their attempts at providing a companion to assist in the quest they have planned for her leads to a clumsy introduction to a feet-on-the-ground finance executive who is disturbed to find he’s being followed by an elf.

What readers are saying on Amazon’s international sites …

… The characterisation is very convincing; the scenes atmospheric; and unexpected twists kept me guessing outcomes. A romance element adds another dimension to this absorbing novel. The book has a depth that appealed to me on so many levels. What surprised me as much as anything was to discover that this was the author’s debut novel …
Cancerian 9

… This book is the book of tomorrow, it will become a classic in years to come …

The first thing that struck me about Terry’s debut novel was her seemingly effortless ability to entwine the contemporary and historical aspects of the story. At times the writing is nothing short of spellbinding, something that is rare these days, and even rarer at the beginning of a literary career. Some sections are so surreal that they would fit snugly into the Murakami portfolio, whereas others read like a Young Adult fantasy novel but manage to avoid the tired old clichés we’ve seen a million times before. I didn’t have particularly high hopes when I picked this one out but I’m really glad that I did as the depth covered in the book quite took me by surprise. The writing is good but not dumbed down like so many books are nowadays. The author grants the reader as having enough intelligence to cope with the complexities of the duality of time periods, but the rewards are exponential because of this. This is the first of, I believe, a two part series and I’ll certainly be buying the next book to see how it all turns out.

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