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Author(s): Rosa Ribas

Location(s): Central Spain

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary

In a housing development in the middle of the nowhere, one of the many that were built in Spain, but never finished because of the crash, lives a small community of neighbours, trying to lead a normal life, despite living far from everything. Beyond the development that promised every luxury, beyond the streets leading nowhere, behind a high metal fence, the unfinished houses menace the inhabitants as they become occupied by people on the fringes of society whom the crash has destroyed.

Rosa Ribas’s unnamed protagonists come from different sides of this fence. The atmospheric, disturbing, and addictive story of their growing relationship is half quirky love story half strong commentary on how easily and quickly people can fall through the cracks of society through no fault of their own. Although the message is entirely universal, the context is deliciously and uniquely Spanish.

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