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Girl Friends

Girl Friends

Author(s): Alex Dahl

Location(s): Ibiza

Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary



You think you met her by chance.
You’re wrong.

Charlotte has it all: the successful career, the loving family. But, secretly, she is dangerously bored of her rigid and structured life.

Bianka is a free spirit, always the life and soul. When she and Charlotte meet, it feels like fate – Bianka is exactly the person that Charlotte needs.

When they escape to Ibiza for a girls’ trip, home is soon forgotten. Charlotte dives head first into a life that is looser, wilder. But the holiday soon spirals out of control with fatal consequences – someone doesn’t return home.

Charlotte soon regrets ever breaking out of her carefully constructed routine. And as the aftermath of the trip ricochets disastrously through her life, she wonders whether meeting Bianka was really an accident – or something much more calculated . . .

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