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Hits Different

Author(s): Tasha Ghouri, Lizzie Huxley-Jones

Location(s): Ibiza

Genre(s): Disability, Coming of Age, Fiction, New Adult

Era(s): Contemporary

Cassie needs a change.

She’s in a job she hates, dating a guy who couldn’t care less about her, and secretly dreaming of making her dance ambitions a reality. But that’s all they are, dreams. Because no way could she actually do it . . . right?

But then an opportunity to dance on tour with a global superstar presents itself and Cassie decides to give it a shot. Jetting off for a hot summer in Ibiza, her dreams seem closer than ever, and so does real love. Levi, the guy she keeps bumping into, sees and uplifts her in a way no one else ever has. If only Cassie could believe in herself like he does, she might find that life hits different when you learn to love yourself first . . .

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