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Marching Powder

Marching Powder

Author(s): Rusty Young

Location(s): La Paz

Genre(s): Biography



Thomas McFadden was a minor drugs dealer in Bolivia who was summarily arrested and thrown into jail, the notorious San Pedro Prison. Within the grim walls of the corrupt institution, he discovered a world which mirrored many of the wrongs of South American society at large: bribery, drugs, intimidation and violence at every level. McFadden needed to raise $5,000 to get released and how he managed this – for instance, by giving backpackers tours of the prison – is much of the story. Inevitably, Marching Powder recalls the nightmarish world of Midnight Express, but is sufficiently different in its own right to remain compelling. Young’s account was written partly during a three-month stay with the unfortunate McFadden and reeks of authenticity. Not for the faint-hearted.

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Almost an autobiography, this book combines humour, horror and romance and introduces the reader into the fascinating life of a drug-smuggler – a terrifying situation – Terence – Maldane –

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