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My Big Fat Italian Break-Up

My Big Fat Italian Break-Up

Author(s): Nancy Barone

Location(s): Tuscany

Genre(s): Romance

Era(s): Contemporary

Erica Cantelli has found her Mr. Right. Hasn’t she…?

After a long overdue divorce, Erica has finally made it to Italy with her two children and, amazingly, her now dreamy fiancé Julian Foxham.

The plan was to start fresh and for Erica to run a country B&B, but two years in and her business is failing miserably, while Julian’s career as a novelist is soaring and taking him all over the world with his gorgeous agent.

Despite having set a wedding date, with every day that goes by, their dreams are heading in opposite directions. And when her sexy Italian chef Alberto offers her a shoulder to cry on – as the saying goes, When in Rome…

Now Erica needs to decide what she wants her future to look like. Will their wedding cake hold together or are she and Julian skating on thin icing?

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