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One Alpen Day

Author(s): Michele Davenport-Dutton

Location(s): Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Genre(s): Fiction, Romance

Era(s): Contemporary

All she wants in life… is to be a mom.

All he wants in life… is for his two young children to have a loving mom…

Newly divorced and still struggling with her pregnancy losses and failed marriage, Angela Sutton leaves L.A. to return to her hometown Grainau, Germany where she assists her Aunt Terese in running the family bakery. One day, the famous Hollywood actor, Mason Glade, whom Angela has had a major crush on, enters the bakery. Angela can’t believe her eyes. What is he doing in her sleepy Alpine village? Is he shooting a movie? What Angela does know is that Mason has two young children with his estranged, alcoholic wife, Camila. Has fate brought Angela and Mason together in the same village? Would Mason be interested in someone like her? Could they possibly have a future together?

Mason Glade is a simple man who wants a simple life with a warm, loving wife and a mother for his two children. Sure, he’s a famous Hollywood actor and well-loved, but he’s tired of his estranged, alcoholic wife, Camila, being plastered on every tabloid magazine. It’s embarrassing for him, but mostly for his two young kids whom they share together. When Camila enters rehab, Mason decides he needs a break and has to get away, somewhere far. So, he packs up his kids and their nanny and heads to Grainau, Germany, a small village in the Bavarian alps. There he meets a beautiful German girl, Angela, who works at her aunt’s bakery. He’s smitten with her and so are his kids. He sees how great Angela is with them. Slowly, he’s falling for her. Will he divorce Camila and pursue Angela or is going to give Camila one last try?

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