Author(s): Robert Harris

Location(s): Pompeii

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): 1st Century



A sweltering week in late August. Where better to enjoy the last days of summer than on the beautiful Bay of Naples? But even as Rome’s richest citizens relax in their villas around Pompeii and Herculaneum, there are ominous warnings that something is going wrong. Wells and springs are failing, a man has disappeared, and now the greatest aqueduct in the world – the mighty Aqua Augusta – has suddenly ceased to flow. Through the eyes of four characters – a young engineer, an adolescent girl, a corrupt millionaire and an elderly scientist – Robert Harris brilliantly recreates a luxurious world on the brink of destruction.

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Harris has done a tremendous job in evoking life in ancient Italy… I am lost in admiration at his energy and skill (Mail on Sunday )

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