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Second Skin

Second Skin

Author(s): Dugald Bruce-Lockhart

Location(s): Zakynthos (Zante)

Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery

Era(s): Later 20th Century

2 The Lizard series.

Five years after witnessing murder on the Aegean island of Paros, Alistair Haston receives a call from Greece, from a man claiming to be his son’s grandfather, but Alistair has no knowledge of a son….until now. Desperate to find out more, Alistair heads to Athens to track down Amara, an ex-girlfriend. On arrival he is ambushed by MI6, who confirm the existence of his son Max, and reveal that he is the target of a kidnap plot by Greek mafia with their eyes on Amara’s substantial inheritance. Shaken and determined to find Amara and Max, Alistair reluctantly agrees to help the British and Greek authorities. But there are so many questions to be answered. Is Max really his son? What is the role of Xander, Amara’s playboy husband? How involved is Amara’s seedy half-brother? Who ultimately can Alistair trust? As the chase to find the kidnappers moves from Athens to Zakynthos, and on to Cyprus, in the searing heat, it dawns on Alistair, that this abduction could well be related to that deadly summer on Paros five years previously…

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