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Author(s): A D Miller

Location(s): Moscow, Russia

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Late 1990s -2000s



That’s what the Russians call them – the bodies that float up into the light in the thaw. Drunks, most of them, and homeless people who just give up and lie down into the whiteness, and murder victims hidden in the drifts by their killers. Nick has a confession. When he worked as a high-flying British lawyer in Moscow, he was seduced by Masha, an enigmatic woman who led him through her city: the electric nightclubs and intimate dachas, the human kindnesses and state-wide corruption. Yet as Nick fell for Masha, he found that he fell away from himself: he knew that she was dangerous, but life in Russia was addictive, and it was too easy to bury secrets – and corpses – in the winter snows…

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Lead Review

Shortlisted for the MAN Booker Prize 2011 – It is an interesting story and through reading it I recognised elements of modern day Russian society – as I have strong ties with Russia myself....

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