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Song for Ria

Song for Ria

Author(s): Michelle Shine

Location(s): England, United States (USA)

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Present day

Talented composer Alison Connaught has spent her career writing music for big names, but when her actress daughter, Ria, dies from an overdose, alison is numb and an no longer compose.

Haunted by the feeling that she had somehow let Riad down, Alison searches for answers, first during an intense stay with a Hopi shaman and then by travelling to Hollywood to try to piece together the many parts of Ria’s life that have so far eluded her.

As she meets her daughter’s friends, colleagues and therapists, Alison finally begins to understand the realisties of Ria’s life, opening the door to self-expression and a different kind of music, insipred by stirred, raw feelings and the spirit of Ria

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