The Beach

The Beach

Author(s): Alex Garland

Location(s): Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): 1990s



In our ever-shrinking world, where popular Western culture seems to have infected every nation on the planet, it is hard to find even a small niche of unspoiled land–forget searching for pristine islands or continents. This is the situation in Alex Garland’s debut novel, The Beach. Human progress has reduced Eden to a secret little beach near Thailand. In the tradition of grand adventure novels, Richard, a rootless traveller rambling around Thailand on his way somewhere else, is given a hand-drawn map by a madman who calls himself Daffy Duck. He and two French travellers set out on a journey to find this paradise.

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Garland’s debut novel sets a benchmark for novels set in Thailand and dealing with human interaction. A must read for Thailandophiles!

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