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The Fourth Largest In Latvia

The Fourth Largest In Latvia

Author(s): Miks Koljers

Location(s): Latvia

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary

The Fourth Largest In Latvia sees “Leading scholar in his field” Viktor Draaks embarking – against his will – on an increasingly desperate and absurd journey through Latvian society.

On the way he encounters many of the typical inhabitants of this small but interesting Baltic state: friendly criminals, the helpful Russian secret service, confused nationalists, bored porn stars, drunk British stag parties, sadistic masseurs, mysterious mushroom pickers, three angry presidents and the charmingly psychotic mayor of a seaside town.

All the while Viktor faces another threat in the form of Pavel Panchev a man who looks poised to usurp his cherished position at the top of the international geopolitical conference circuit.

Can Viktor make it back to his life of pillow menus and goody bags or is he destined to spend the rest of his life eating black bread? Only the Fourth Largest In Latvia will decide his fate…

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