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The German Lottery

The German Lottery

Author(s): Miha Mazzini

Location(s): Slovenia

Genre(s): Historical

Era(s): 1950s

We were facing each other, completely soaked.
Thank you!
I nodded. Comrade, a postman is always ready to help.
That s nice to hear.
I straightened my uniform and put the bag over my shoulder.
Do you come round in the evenings too?

A young postman in 1950s Yugoslavia delivers a registered letter to a woman who is hanging out her washing . . . Soon he is involved in a lottery scheme devised by the woman s husband, who has been spending some time in prison a scheme, he is persuaded, that will bring wealth and happiness to the town s poorest and most deserving citizens.

How did he get it so wrong? As the narrator recalls for his grandchildren his coming-of-age, Miha Mazzini constructs a political fable that is also a satire on youthful idealism, greed, and the coincidence between our beliefs and what we want to believe.

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