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The Ice Retreat

Author(s): Ruth Kelly

Location(s): Canton Bern, Swiss Alps

Genre(s): Psychological Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary


Meet Hollie Jenson, presenter of the smash-hit docu-series Bad Medicine, which exposes the perils of extreme therapies. Her next target: a new retreat run by wellness guru Ariel Rose, who claims to have discovered the secret to healing pain through her three-day ice rebirth treatment.


Acting on a mother’s plea to find her son, who vanished soon after his stay, Hollie ventures into the Swiss mountains where the retreat occupies a former observatory in search of the boy and to expose Ariel as the charlatan she believes her to be.


As the isolation of the valley sets in, she finds herself in an increasingly dangerous situation. There is much more to the retreat than meets the eye and she must confront explosive secrets from her own past if she is to ever make it out alive . . .

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