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The Night Swimmer

The Night Swimmer

Author(s): Matt Bondurant

Location(s): County Cork

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Modern



“The Night Swimmer” introduces us to an idealistic young couple from Vermont who take over the Nightjar, a moldering pub in a lonely corner of County Cork.

Fred and Elly Bulkington fell in love as graduate students in English literature. He harbors vague ambitions of becoming a novelist, while she longs to hone her skills as a deep-water swimmer (think of Lynne Cox and the English Channel). The isolation of this part of Cork, and particularly Roaringwater Bay, would seem to suit them both, but Bondurant suggests more ominous possibilities. Fred likens himself and Elly to the couple in “Revolutionary Road” – except, he adds, with empty confidence, “we actually make it: . . . we follow through and make it happen.” (NY Times)

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Lead Review

I thoroughly enjoyed Bondurant’s descriptions of the wild beauty of the coast of southern Ireland, MT Gil

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