The View from the Tower

The View from the Tower

Author(s): Charles Lambert

Location(s): Rome, Turin (Torino)

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): 2004 and 1978



“Can she trust them? Can you?” A psychological thriller about love and betrayal, and the damage done when ideals and human lives come into conflict. Helen is in a hotel room with her lover when a gunman murders her husband, Federico, a high-level civil servant, less than a mile away. Helen soon finds herself entangled in a web of suspicion that involves those closest to her – Federico, his parents, and her friend and lover, Giacomo, an ex-terrorist with a new wife and a reinvented life in Paris. As Helen struggles to understand her husband’s death and the extent to which she and the people she knows and loves may have been responsible for it, she is forced to examine her own past and the world in which she lives – and to realise innocence is a very scarce commodity.

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A thriller that weaves its way around the streets of Rome, exploring one family’s motivations – EllaStrada

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