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The Wrong Family

The Wrong Family

Author(s): Ellery Kane

Location(s): Sacramento, Lake Tahoe (Nevada)

Genre(s): Psychological Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary



I look around at the smiling faces of the family I never had. Growing up without one, I could never have imagined that this day would ever come. But all thanks to Family Ties DNA, I’ve finally found my father, Robert. And I’m never letting go.

Spending the summer at the Thompsons’ grand Lake Tahoe mansion is just what I need to learn more about my new family and make myself at home.

I’m proud to be a Thompson—to be a part of their picture-perfect lives.

Except, the longer I spend here, the less certain I am that they are perfect… One day, I find a family photo burning. The next, the tires on Robert’s car are slashed. And then my mother’s necklace goes missing. I try to dismiss these things as just strange coincidences…

But then I receive an email from Family Ties that makes my blood run cold.

Robert Thompson is not my father.

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