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Trust and Safety

Author(s): Eve Gleichman, Laura Blackett

Location(s): The Hudson Valley

Genre(s): LGBTQ+, RomCom

Era(s): Contemporary

Newlywed Rosie has grown disenchanted with NYC. Inspired by Instagram ads, she starts thirsting for a rural life upstate – one full of beauty and simplicity. Willing to do anything for Rosie’s happiness, her tech-bro husband, Jordan, acquiesces to her vision for the future, and they offer – well above asking price – on a beautiful, historic fixer-upper in the Hudson Valley. But when Jordan suddenly loses his job on the day they close the deal, the couple is forced to rent out the property’s dilapidated outbuilding.

Enter Dylan and Lark: an incredibly attractive and handy queer couple who offer to rent the outbuilding and help Rosie and Jordan with repairs. They’re living the life Rosie had envisioned for herself: hand-built furniture, herbal tinctures, guinea hens, and hand-dyed linens. Rosie grows increasingly infatuated with their new tenants, especially with model-esque and charismatic Dylan – to Jordan’s increasing distress.

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